Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Check It Out: The Wood Witch's Daughter

The Wood Witch's Daughter by Kate Seger
An Ethereal Realms Novel
Young Adult Fantasy

Arianette, orphaned daughter of the Wood Witch of the Greenwood, could not help but be drawn to the strange music in the forest on the night of the Rite -- when the Veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. After being lured by a shadowy woman into the war-ravaged Ethereal Realms and bound by a bargain with a wayward Fae lord, Arianette is torn between two worlds - and two strikingly different men. With both the impetuous Skylord and his stoic half-brother seeking to win her heart, the deepest betrayal of all may come from within as they band together to solve the mystery of Arianette's origins... before the Fae Courts burn. But the truth about who - and what- Arianette is might be far more dangerous than they could have imagined, and the hand that destiny has dealt may not be the one Arianette intends to play.

4 out of 5 fairies

The Wood Witch's Daughter will sweep you away. A rich world that plunges you right into the action from page one, Arianette is a strong heroine who intends to forge her own path, no matter what. The pacing is perfect, and there's never really a dull moment. Perfect for young adults and fae-loving, fantasy craving adults alike. I look forward to the sequel!

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About the Author: Kate is a book worm, dog mom, and world-builder, living on the banks of the Hudson River in NY. Her #lifegoal is to be kidnapped by the Fae or stumble into a portal and be transported to a magical land.

A lover of mythology and fairy tales, Kate writes YA Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. Her first novel, "The Wood Witch's Daughter," just launched on April 20th!

She has since thrown herself into the chaotic mayhem that passes for her writing process in an attempt to write the sequel.

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