Monday, June 1, 2020

Check It Out: The World Without Flags

The World Without Flags by Ben Lyle Bedard
Post-Apocalyptic Coming of Age

The old world is gone. Ten years have passed since a parasitic Worm nearly drove humanity to extinction. When the Worm infected its human host, it crawled up into the brain, latching on and taking command. The result was shambling hordes of infected people called zombies. When the Worm vanished, bringing the majority of humans with it, it left a ravaged landscape. Small communities struggle to survive while bandits prey on the weak and hunger marches in through winter’s gate.

Across this landscape, a young woman must overcome terror and isolation to survive. Driven by determination and loyalty, she must leave the only safety she has ever known. Confronting both death and her own past, pushed to her uttermost limits, she will discover who she is and what she is willing to sacrifice.

The stand-alone sequel to the award-winning The World Without Crows, The World Without Flags is a story of survival, loyalty, and what we suffer for the ones we love.

5 out of 5 fairies

The World Without Flags is captivating. I've been sitting here for hours trying to figure out how to write this review. This book just grabs you from the first page, and you can lose yourself in its pages for hours. I love how real all the characters feel, even when they're not central to the story. If you're up for a great post-apocalyptic read, then get comfy and grab this book, because you won't want to put it down.

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About the Author: Born in Buckfield, a rural town in Maine, Ben grew up reading Tolkien, Stephen King, and Charles Dickens. When he went to college at the University of Maine at Farmington, he published his first piece of fiction in the local college journal. After moving across the country to study creative writing at Mills College, he began writing poetry as well as fiction. In his graduate studies, he published poems in several little magazines as well as a book of poems, Implicit Lyrics. Soon afterwards, he returned to writing fiction, his first love. While in Buffalo, New York, finishing his dissertation at the University of Buffalo, Bedard finished his science fiction trilogy, The Slinger, a science fiction story told in a western dialect. The trilogy is set on a planet that is the unfortunate focus of two dueling superpowers. The first two books, The Equilibrium of Stars and Strange Bonds were published with a small press, while the last book, All of a Darkness, and the entire trilogy, was later released as the Slinger Trilogy on Amazon. In Buffalo, he met his future wife, Fernanda Glaser, a Fulbright scholar from Chile. To meet the requirements of her scholarship, she had to move back to Chile, and Bedard followed her. They were married a year later. Together they wrote and published a bilingual biography of the Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, Criatura Regional/Regional Creature. While in Chile, Bedard dusted off a book he had written in Buffalo called The Island, a coming-of-age story wrapped in a zombie apocalypse. Unable to find a publisher, he decided to publish it himself. After much revision, Bedard renamed it The World Without Crows and released it on Amazon. It won an IndieBrag Award and had many favorable reviews. Encouraged by fans of the book, he wrote the sequel, The World Without Flags, which takes place ten years after the first book. He is currently living by the Pacific Ocean in La Serena while he researches and plans his next book.

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