Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Kid's Korner: ResQ and the Baby Orangutan

ResQ and the Baby Orangutan
Written by Eva Pell
Illustrated by Mattias Lanas 
Children's Nature Books

Engineering boy genius Wheaton and his nature-loving cousin Stowe set out on their first mission for ResQ, their organization to save endangered animals. Accompanied by their wildlife photographer grandmother, the two kids set off for Borneo in a private space shuttle to find a lost orangutan baby. By boat and helicopter, with the help of their new friend Rafi, they venture into the rainforest—but peat bogs and poachers are not so easy to overcome.

Knight out of Fairy

ResQ and the Baby Orangutan is a great adventure. What kid wouldn't want to travel around the world and go on an adventure with futuristic tech? As Wheaton and Stowe venture off to save a baby orangutan, they also teach kids about nature, animals, and other cultures. The perfect mix of adventure and educational for middle graders, whether they're interested in the animals, the technology, the adventure, or the culture.  

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About the Author: Eva Pell has served as the Senior Vice President for Research at Penn State University and Under Secretary for Science at the Smithsonian. ResQ and the Baby Orangutan is the first in a projected series of techie animal rescue adventures. You can check out her website and learn more about ResQ here.

About the Illustrator: Mattias Lanas is a freelance science illustrator and artist who graduated from Stanford with a degree in Earth Systems. 

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