Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Kid's Korner: ResQ Takes on the Takhi

ResQ Takes on the Takhi
Written by Eva Pell
Illustrated by Alexa Lindauer 
Children's Nature Books

A harem of takhi—Mongolian wild horses—has wandered out of a national park and into danger. Engineering boy genius Wheaton and his naturalist cousin Stowe shuttle to Mongolia on this second mission for ResQ, their organization to save endangered animals. Against wolves and weather, by helicopter and on horseback, and helped by their new Mongolian friend Sarnai, they struggle to guide the lost horses back into the park before winter sets in.

Knight out of Fairy

ResQ Takes on the Takhi is a great adventure. Again jetting off around the world to save endangered animals, Stowe and Wheaton find themselves in a race against time. A fun story that will keep kids' imaginations captured for hours while they learn something new.

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About the Author: Eva Pell is a plant pathologist who studied the effects of pollution on plant growth. She has served as Senior Vice President for Research at Penn State University and Under Secretary for Science at the Smithsonian. ResQ Takes on the Takhi is the second book in her series of techie adventures about saving endangered animals.

About the Illustrator: Alexa Lindauer is an artist living in Estes Park, Colorado. ResQ Takes on the Takhi is the first book she has illustrated. 

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