Friday, June 12, 2020

Review: The Poop Diaries

The Poop Diaries by Abby Ross
Business & Marriage Humor

They come into our homes. They see us in our most fragile moments. Plumbers are a fixture in our lives. When a toilet clogs, a faucet leaks, or a sewer line plugs, we call those unsung heroes, desperately seeking help. They scoop out our poop and pull underwear, toothbrushes and cotton balls out of our toilets, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

On a late Wednesday evening, after my toilet clogged, I asked our plumber to share his top five "greatest hits." The stories were so hilarious, I had to share them with the world. The Poop Diaries features true stories told by my plumber, and many other plumbers, about the most memorable service jobs they have worked on and most unique people they have helped. Whether it's nudity, rats, fake vaginas, dildos, snakes, weapons and so much more, these plumbers have seen and smelled it all.

4 out of 5 fairies

The Poop Diaries is an eclectic collection. Some stories will have you laughing so hard you'll be crying, and some will just touch your heart. With a wide range of plumbers, from all kinds of backgrounds, Ross has managed to create a collection that will bring a smile to your face (even if at times it does turn your stomach)! In these tumultuous times this is a beacon of happiness for a few hours of escape.

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About the Author: Abby Ross has nearly two decades of experience working in journalism, public relations, and marketing. She has written countless news stories, bylines, and blog posts. Abby began her career as a television news reporter, which fostered her passion for interviewing and writing about interesting people from all walks of life. After six years of reporting, Abby pivoted her career into public relations and marketing, which has been her focus for the past decade. This is her first book.

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