Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Check It Out: Hazard

Hazard: How to Change Your Destiny or Love It Now by Cosmin Onofrei 
Self-Help and Spirituality

Take a look at your life! Are you loving it now? 

Despite relentless efforts, are you still not content when it comes to achieving the life you always envisioned?

What if life is less about accomplishing things and more about surrendering your being to what is happening?

Hazard is the arbitrary force that points to the sheer randomness of each moment.

Like a stream of water that’s making its way through the cracks of the landscape, not knowing where it will turn right or left, or where it will stop for a second because of some blockage that’s in its path, our lives, and just existence has the same unpredictability and hazardous touch that dictates whether we and everything else floats to one shore or the other, or whether we drown altogether.

We know nothing regarding where everything is heading, and at times we are blind by the idea of control over our lives. All it takes is an illness, financial collapse or even the death of someone dear to wake us up from this illusion and to realize how little is in our influence and how much everything is in the hands of the Universe.

4 out of 5 fairies

Hazard is powerful if you're open to the message. When so many things feel uncertain, it can be really hard to not try to control everything around you. Ultimately, things aren't under our control. A great way to learn to stop worrying and start embracing all that life throws your way. It's not a long read, and you don't need to already be a very spiritual person to get the full benefit from it. Highly recommend for anyone looking for fulfillment in their life. 

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About the Author: In a world full of apparent contrasts, confusion and fear, Cosmin Onofrei is determined to bring light through provocative insight into the different forces that are at play in each moment.

His unique artistic approach to every experience that life has to offer, coupled with his resilient spirit and with a background in counseling unrestful hearts, make him best suited for bringing greater and greater awareness to the mysterious aspects of reality.

Even from a young age, his inquisitive nature propelled his practice into deeper and deeper realms, exploring each moment as the great vastness that the universe is. Now, he is trying to impart from his experience in such a way that the world blooms, making every minute as artistically full as it is, in other words, revealing its naked truth.

His distinctive spin, together with years of experience in the very nature of things, make his
work the most obvious transformation process of the soul.

“Expect the unexpected, dive into what you can’t see, enjoy the freefall, radiate the light of your spirit and the warmth of your heart...”

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