Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Cover Reveal: 400 Years of New York

Cover Reveal: NEW YORK as NEW AMSTERDAM – 1600s

Book 1

Get to Know the Historical New York that You’ve Never Seen Before

A Time Traveler’s Journey through the Streets of 17th Century Manhattan

See Manhattan As It Looked Throughout Its 400-year History!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go back in time to see the ancient streets of New York—or New Amsterdam as it was known then—as they appeared to people who were living there at the time?
Would you like to see the way the town looked at the time of its infancy in 1626?

Are you curious about what it looked like when it was invaded by the British in 1664, or when it survived the Revolutionary War in 1783…?

Sasha Vosk, who has spent thirty years working with the art form known as photorealism, has an exciting book project in the works that will do exactly that.  It’s called 400 Years of New York History: A Pictorial Guide. Today’s photorealism uses a combination of photography, 3-D modeling and Photoshop painting to create magical depictions that draw readers in.

Anyone who recognizes the impact that New York City has always had and continues to have on the world will welcome the opportunity to view history as never seen before through the pages of this new book.

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