Friday, August 28, 2020

Check It Out: Only a Pawn


Only a Pawn: Warriors for Equal Rights by Marie Watts 
The Sequal to The Cause Lives

All Alice wants is to do the right thing. But the powers that be have other ideas.Alice’s struggles to meld her dysfunctional team into a crack federal investigative unit bringing workplace discriminators to justice have paid off. She doesn’t regret the corners she cut to mete out justice. But one egregious offender continues to elude her. As she fights to nail the affluent, arrogant sex harasser, obstacles appear. To make matters worse, a new employee, Royce, sends the office into chaos all the while the staff’s personal problems distract from their essential work. The stress and anxiety send Alice into rehab. Meanwhile, her team attempts to fend off the federal auditor bent on ending Alice’s career over her shoddy recordkeeping and failure to adhere to the rules. Barely surviving a brutal grilling from a House subcommittee, Alice feels the harasser will go free. Will a white knight arrive in time to rescue Alice from checkmate?

5 out of 5 fairies

Only a Pawn is captivating mystery. Alice is passionate about her work, even with the odds stacked against her and retirement shining at the end of what sometimes seems like an endless tunnel. I love how diverse the team is, and I'm so glad to see them back for a second round. Watts really brings the characters to life, and their personal problems and work lives conflicting just makes the story very relatable. If you love a good mystery and have ever felt like your workplace was working against you, you'll enjoy this book cover to cover.

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About the Author: Marie W. Watts is a former employment discrimination investigator and human resource consultant with over twenty-five years of experience. She has trained thousands of employees to recognize one’s own biases and prejudices and avoid discriminating against others in the workplace, and she has coauthored a textbook about it: Human Relations, 4th ed. Additionally, her work has been published in the Texas Bar Journal and the Houston Business Journal, as well as featured on Issues Today, syndicated to 119 radio stations, NBC San Antonio, Texas, and TAMU-TV in College Station, Texas.

In pursuit of justice in the workplace, Marie been from jails to corporate boardrooms seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly of humans at work. She now brings her experiences to life in her works of fiction.

She and her husband live on a ranch in central Texas. In her spare time, she is a volunteer first responder, supports a historic house, and hangs out with her grandsons.

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