Saturday, August 8, 2020

Check It Out: Time Management


Time Management for Creative People by Deirdra Eden
Developmental Editors: Anika Arrington and Susan B Peik

Guidance for being in the right mind for right-brained people.

Chances are you’ve tried spreadsheets, agendas, day planners, and other linear, mathematical ways mainstream culture measures time. Applying industrial production systems to a creative mind can dampen the joy of your work, knock you off balance, and block your energy flow.
Time Management for Creative People offers a fun, organic approach to balancing, organizing, and prioritizing all you need to get done by living your life in creative cycles and seasons while maximizing your high and low energy times the way you were meant to.
Your creativity is a uniquely powerful force that can be harnessed, focused, controlled, commanded, and become a powerful ability as you masterfully channel your desire to create into the powerful motivating force it is meant to be.

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About the Author: Deirdra has spent the last decade captivating audiences of all ages with her novels and fairy tales. Her specialty is paranormal theology that delves into documented historical phenomenon and natural disasters of biblical proportions.

Deirdra enjoys jousting in arenas, sword fighting and archery, planning invasions, horseback riding through open meadows, swimming in the ocean, hiking up mountains, camping in cool shady woods, climbing trees barefoot, and going on adventures with her family.

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