Saturday, September 19, 2020

Check It Out: Roman's Revenge


Roman's Revenge by Amber Anthony
Roman's Adventures Book 1
Military Romance

Jax Roman is the image of courage,  nobility, and strength. A clever mind and agile body propelled Roman to the head of his SEAL class.

Handsome and disarming, Jax is in charge of his world, vertical and horizontal. Now, at the pinnacle of his game, he leads his own team until…the Lobos Cartel, the worst Jax has ever fought, sets out to eliminate him.

Lovely and compassionate, Dr. Kameo Alana meets Jax in his most desperate hour. Her family has borne the cartel's punishment.

Without Kameo, Jax would not be free to topple the depraved cartel.

Kameo is more than a balm for his pain. Together they sizzle white hot.

Jax's mission for a 'happily ever after' with Kameo is an exercise in 'taking no prisoners', SEAL style.

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About the Author: Amber Anthony is the pen name for Nancy Reynolds and Rusty Hough Bader. Each of them were performers in theater and dance in earlier years and met through their love of British history.

Their genre drama short script Maxwell Older was an earlier Las Vegas Film Festival winner.

After developing several scripts of note, they directed their talents toward writing Romance novels of all varieties.  Their Alpha males are heroes for today. Their heroines are quick on their feet and clever as the devil.

As the two of them have lived in a variety of cities and they travel together, their next book is set in Washington, D.C. and is a thriller. 

When they aren’t collaborating long-distance, they live in separate cities with their respective menageries of cats and dogs. 

Amber Anthony is a multi-genre romance writer with ten books spread across Paranormal, Metaphysical, Action/Adventure, Seasoned and Urban Romance.

Amber Anthony will be at:

Romance In The Carolinas, Winston Salem, NC, February 12-13, 2021
Authors in the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA in March 26-27, 2021
Lay All Your Books On Me: Here We Go , Cleveland, OH July 31, 2021
Literary Loves Savannah/SUMMERWEEN, Savannah, GA August 4-8, 2021

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