Thursday, November 19, 2020

Check It Out: CC's Road Home


CC's Road Home by Leah B. Eskine 
Coming of Age

Desperate to forget her past, sixteen-year-old CC arrives on her grandparents’ North Louisiana farm and asks, ‘will I ever feel normal again?’ She brushes aside her family’s attempts to break through her isolation and angst and hides her darkest secret from her beloved Gran. Even CC’s vivacious new friend, Addy, and a summer romance with steely eyed Eric can’t persuade her to reveal what happened last winter in New Orleans.

It’s 1964 and as Beatlmania and Motown captivate America’s youth, this young woman encounters small town racial tension, erupting sexual assault, and ignorance towards her beloved brain injured Uncle Bud, all issues fueling the dynamic conflicts in Leah Eskine’s debut novel. 

5 out of 5 fairies

CC's Road Home covers some really tough issues - teen pregnancy, racism, ableism, and sexual assault. THAT said this book is amazing and emotional and just captures your attention from page one. CC is a teen facing a world she doesn't yet have the maturity to navigate easily, and watching how she handles everything will tug at your heartstrings. A great coming of age book for young and not so young adults alike.

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About the Author: Leah grew up in small southern towns in Louisiana and Texas and moved to New Orleans in her twenties. Her first novel CC’S Road Home was inspired by the students she taught. She retired from the public-school system after many years as an educator and administrator in the city’s high schools. Leah lives with her best friend and husband, Paul, and their two rescue poodles. When she’s not writing, Leah enjoys country music and seventies rock, walking the dogs at dusk, lunch at neighborhood restaurants, and reading – a lot.

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