Sunday, November 22, 2020

Tour: A Rainbow Like You


A Rainbow Like You by Andréa Fehsenfeld
Music Fiction

An iconic rock star with everything to prove.
A determined teen runaway with nothing left to lose.
When their fates intertwine, the most unexpected journey unfolds.

Adrian ‘Jazzer’ Johnson’s gilded rock and roll career is the stuff of legend. From out of the dive bars of Long Beach, this high school dropout rocketed his band to the pinnacle of success. But after a whirlwind decade ended with him broken and questioning, Adrian disappeared.

Now back on tour after a year in exile, Adrian’s still struggling and under pressure to deliver his next hit. The last thing he needs is to find a teen runaway hiding on his tour bus. As it turns out, Hastings Sinclair is a synesthete who can see music in colour. But her offer to help colour-blind Adrian unpack his creative block upends their lives in ways they never imagined.

Because Adrian’s troubles run deep—beyond what any song can fix—and Hastings hasn’t been upfront about hers. When calamity strikes, a perfect storm of fates unleashes and caught in the crossfire are Adrian’s bandmates, a fame-shy beauty he falls hard for, and a scheming journalist with a vendetta. With everything he values suddenly on the line, can Adrian reconcile his own brash history? Or will he be forced to face the music in a way he never has before?

5 out of 5 fairies

A Rainbow Like You is an emotional roller coaster that you would need a heart of stone to not shed a few tears over. Adrian isn't a quirky, flawed character, and there's no manic pixie dream girl coming to save him. Fehsenfeld pulls no punches in writing this, and even though at times you just want to scream at Adrian over his bad choices, you can't help but hope he finds what he needs to heal and move forward with his life instead of this state of just being stuck. Be prepared to laugh, cry, smile, and get angry reading this. It might be a wild ride, but it's an absolutely amazing one!

About the Author: An award-winning TV producer, I've delivered over 200 TV commercials, series and movies for Fortune 500 clients, major networks and the world's biggest brands. I channeled my storytelling skills into fiction and COMPLETION was my debut novel. An atmospheric thriller set in New Mexico, it is now being adapted for television.

A Rainbow Like You is my second novel. Set against the backdrop of a touring rock band, it explores the double-edged sword of ambition, the weight of regret and how our capacity to forgive can reconcile the past and future.

What can you expect with my stories?
The unexpected! I aim for originality in plot and characters and love a good twist.
My writing process:

My own reading tastes are eclectic. I have a soft spot for stories told in first person and/or with multiple narrators. Otherwise, I devour any genre, fiction or non fiction.

When I'm not writing, I might bump into you stage left at a concert or arm wrestle you for the last shot of Milagro reposado.

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