Why are you booking so far out?

We're changing our format next year, to bring you better content and to prevent our bloggers from becoming overwhelmed and to minimize accidental double bookings.

What about scheduling promos and cover reveals?

Those can be scheduled at any time, but we ask for things to be sent no later than noon the day before. 3 days notice minimum is preferred.

Can you just do promos on social media?

We can absolutely only promote on social media if you prefer! Anything posted on the blog is also promoted on our social media posts.

What about cross posting on the Liliyana Shadowlyn blog?

Lily cross posts all reviews on her blog. Promo requests direct from authors/publishers are also featured on her blog (but not tours or promos associated with tour groups).

Can I schedule a review sooner for just Liliyana's blog?

With Liliyana being the founder and main blogger for The Faerie Review, her booking schedule is tied to The Faerie Review.

Why is the blog closed for reviews and interviews but not promos and cover reveals four times a year in 2021?

The scheduled breaks are to help our bloggers take a mini vacation and catch up. Promotions and cover reveals will still be available. This should also allow our bloggers a chance to get ahead.

How do interviews work?

About a week before interview questions will be sent out. You fill out your part, and send it back with any pictures you'd like included. Interviews are broken into three parts: About the book, about the author, and fun questions just because we can. You can check out past interviews here. We do edit our side to sound more like a conversation.

Do you do live, video, or voice interviews?

Not at this time. 

Do you feature book playlists?

We love playlists! If you send us one we'll create a YouTube playlist if you don't already have one and include it in our post.

Do you have a Facebook group?

No but we do have a Facebook page.