Sunday, October 7, 2018

The Maiden's Song

The Maiden's Song by Douglas Pierce 
Epic Fantasy Adventure

The stranger arched a knowing eyebrow and closed Mouse’s fingers around the flute. “Someday, perhaps, you can return this kindness by giving the gift of music to someone else in their time of need.” Mouse—a fugitive and former stowaway—had no way of knowing that his benefactor was the very man that the Captain of the Hunter’s Ghost was hunting…or how playing music again would lead to a series of impossible choices… “The Enemy comes for you, child. A foe like no other. The night will be long and dark. The dangers will seem too great. But you must find your song, child, even when that seems impossible...” Those dark words by the kumpania’s ancient Seer are Seldy’s first warning that the life she adores—in the only home she’s ever known—is coming to a quick and violent end... The Maiden’s Song is a tale of love and sacrifice of how Mouse and Seldy must endure intertwined journeys of self-discovery while being hunted by an implacable foe who will stop at nothing to claim the power of her secret heritage for himself.

5 out of 5 fairies

This is one of those rare times where I find myself frustrated in finding the right words for an amazing book. Truly a tale for the ages, The Maiden's Song will wrap you lovingly within its pages and keep you spellbound. A brilliant debut for what is sure to be a brilliant series, you'll want to curl up and lose yourself in a tale spun to rival the adventures in Narnia.

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